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Hey folks, I’m a developer and designer currently living in India. My primary education is actually in electronics and communication, but my most employable skill is as a coder and designer. I love cats, coffee and meditation.

As a result of having spent most of my career working with smaller teams or working alone, I’ve had to wear many hats and develop different skillsets. I specialize in front-end development and design, in particular anything React related, but my skillset more broadly includes server-side technologies (like node.js, MongoDB, and GraphQL) and I’ve built numerous websites using React and GatsbyJS.

Beyond that, I have experience developing design systems, working with html and css, and I’m familiar with best practices with regards to seo and accessibility.

Above all, I love building innovative and intuitive products that help people learn and connect. If you share a similar passion, please contact me through twitter or email me.

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